Three thematic boot camps

August 31, 2017

Great news! Our thematic boot camps are in place so you can begin to consider exactly which theme will accelerate your food or food tech idea in the best possible way.

The introductory boot camp (31 Oct., 1 Nov and 2 Nov.) focuses on extensive business model development and sparring with high level scientists and researchers from the three universities.

The thematic boot camps (two days in Nov./Dec. and one final day 30 Jan. 2018) focus on specific food and food-tech knowledge to strengthen your business model. Read an  introduction to the three themes below.


From technology to prototype

Integrating food safety, design,
analytical methods, and
mathematical modelling

This boot camp looks at how to get from prototype to finished technology and how to develop your technology in the food industry. We will focus on how to combine engineering and food knowledge in your technology development. For example how to upscale a fermentation process, extract valuable oils from industrial waste, use data from sensors to reduce the consumption of resources or how to convert food waste into new food products.

The boot camp will enable you to integrate your technology into the different food processing systems.



From raw materials to products

Knowledge about food
processing and consumption

This boot camp looks at how to develop food products further and scale up from kitchen to industrial production. This could be how to use natural ingredients or novel processes including fermentation to enhance taste, secure shelf-life or secure texture.

The second part of the boot camp will focus on how food products are accepted by consumers, and on meals and the culture around meals. For example, how to use sensory attributes in the description of the product.

The boot camp will enable you to take your product to a higher level regarding quality, safety and value.


FOOD CONCEPT (AAU) From knowledge to innovative
and viable food concepts
Using consumer trends and
insights to develop food
This boot camp looks at how to use consumer trends and insights, value chain analysis and interactive designs/media to develop your food concept. We will focus on food systems and food value chain analysis and how this knowledge can be used to develop your food concept.

An example of this could be how to target your product or concept precisely to your main customer group. We will also look at how to develop interactive food designs/media.

The boot camp will enable you to integrate consumer trends and insights in order to develop a professional food concept.