Networking, expert feedback and inspiration

November 03, 2017

Meet three of the start-ups who took part in this week’s Growing Food CPH bootcamp. Who are they? What is their start-up idea? And what do they take home from the first half of the programme?

Start-up: Aerogrwn (to the left in photo)

“It has been great meeting other people who are in similar situations,” says childhood friends Christopher Weis Thomasen, Erkan Taskiran and Servet Coskun from Aerogrwn.

“It has been inspiring to hear other people’s opinion about our ideas and very useful to get feedback from the experts on how to tackle the market. Overall we think that it has been three really good days and we look forward to the second part of the programme.”

Aerogrwn - the idea

To revolutionize farming by moving it indoors and growing produce in a controlled environment. Doing this will enable a new type of data-driven farming, resulting in increased yields, year-round harvest and zero use of pesticides and insecticides. This way, quality crops can grow locally at competitive prices through the automation of all processes and a focus on new innovative technologies.

The people

  • Erkan studies International Business and Politics at CBS and is mainly in charge of marketing and social media and application for funds
  • Christopher studies Mechanical Engineering at DTU and deals with commercial management and process technology.
  • Servet has a BA in Electrical Engineering and is mainly in charge of automating the system as much as possible.

Start-up: SimplEat Copenhagen (in the middle of photo)

“We have really enjoyed networking with the other participants. We have met a lot of start-ups before but none of them have been within our field, so it has been really great to meet other food nerds who are interested in the same things as us,” says Nina Vellev and Annette R. Villadsen.

“It could have been useful with facilitated discussions on particular subjects and in smaller groups, because we have only had time to meet the other participants in the breaks. All in all the networking has been very useful and made us feel that we are not alone”.

SimplEat Copenhagen - the idea

To make sweet potato based snacks covered in dark chocolate. A sweet treat that can satisfy your afternoon cravings without sugar, lactose, gluten or guilty conscience. SimplEat is a healthier snack alternative to cake for meetings, events, conferences, cafés etc.

The people

  • Nina and Annette have both have studied Nutrition and Health at VIA University College in Aarhus and have an MA from Aalborg University in Copenhagen on Integrated Food Studies. The idea for their start-up is based on the need for a healthy snack.

Start-up: SødeGave (to the right in photo)

“This bootcamp has been very useful for me since I am at the beginning of my start-up,” says Glykeria Koutina.

“I have learned many things like working with Business Canvas and I have talked to many other start-ups which has been very inspiring for me.”

SødeGave - the idea

To help people send greetings and personal messages through freshly baked sweets by using an online-delivery service and with the profits support cooking experiences for children in need. Clients can use SødeGave to make people feel happy, noticed and remembered by offering them a thoughtfully packaged, freshly baked sweet which supports a good cause through cooperation with a charity organisation.

The person

  • Glykeria has studied Food Science and Technology and has a PhD in Dairy Technology. After years of science she wanted to make to spread food happiness with her SødeGave start-up.

The Growing Food CPH programme continues with thematised boot camps in November, December and January. Read more and see the timeline here.

Photo credit: Lars Svankjær