Growing Food CPH participant wins Venture Cup

January 23, 2018

Brewer's Spent Grain is winner of Green Tech and Overall Winner of Venture Cup. The start-up is headed by Emil Krøll who presently takes part in the first round of the Growing Food programme. 

"It was an intense and fantastic day! A lot of work and nerves was put into this, and now me and the rest of the team are so ready for the next steps!," says the enthusiastic winner.

With Brewer's Spent Grain, Emil aims to ensure proper utilization of brewer’s spent grains as a novel food resource. Presently, quality spent grains from beer brewing is wasted as animal feed, but with a novel drying technique, Brewer’s Spent Grain will upcycle this vast resource as a food ingredient.

A big cheer and congratulations from Growing Food CPH to Brewer's Spent Grain!