Food solutions for a better tomorrow

February 04, 2019

Growing Food's new participants fit right into the global food trends with a focus sustainability, resource optimization and health. Egg replacement, algae foods and byproducts from cashew are some of the ingredients.

Last week, 30 excited and exciting new participants joined our programme. Why have they joined? What are their hopes and dreams? We asked three of them.

Glean: Chick peas as egg replacer

Why have you joined the programme?

I am looking for people with other competencies than myself. People who have already established a business and know what steps to take. I am particularly looking forward to the one-on-one sessions in order to get individual tailor-made advice and thereby the best possible help.

What do you hope to take with you?

Knowledge of how to get my product to market and how to produce a good business plan. And to expand my network in the food business, share experiences, get new insights and learn more about how to create a business.

Founder: Anja Bindesbøll

Background: MA in Film and Media, runs food blog about vegan food

Business concept: Using chick pea water (Aquafaba) as an egg replacer in pastries and condiments because it acts the same way as egg whites when you whip it. The motivation is to limit animal products by creating an alternative as well as to expand the use of by-products from food production and thereby optimizing resources.


NatuRem Bioscience: Algae as an ingredient

Why have you joined the programme?

We are here to identify opportunities to test our business concept and to find out more about how to use it in the food industry. How to optimize the production process and go from pilot scale to industrial scale. Furthermore, we look forward to tapping into Spring Nordic’s knowledge about business development and funding – and finally, networking with the other participants is really important because we all have different skills and experiences to share. 

What is your goal?

We see algae-based food products as the next big thing in Denmark. Algae are vegan and healthy and can be grown using a fully sustainable technology which requires very little space compared to for example traditional farming. It is an effective production process which is CO2 negative given that it uses more CO2 than it produces. Our goal is to get a better understanding of the use of algae in different food applications because it is very important to understand how algae works in different types of final food products.

Founders: Christopher Jensen and Christian Kjølby

Background: Christopher Jensen – Attorney (commercial law) and Christian Kjølby - Civil Engineer in the food industry (Danisco, Arla and Nestlé)

Business concept: Using algae in various food applications through tapping into existing production techniques. The goal is to bypass the current downsides of algae regarding flavour, smell and colour and to enable the production of tasty, sustainable food products with an optimal nutritional composition.


Goingnuts: Cashew apple as a valuable food ingredient

Why have you joined the programme?

We might be able to make a difference for the farmers in Tanzania so we are here to develop our ideas of what to use the cashew apple for and whether to use it locally or to export it to Denmark. Right now 90 pct. of cashew nut processing takes place outside Tanzania, but companies like Danish Out-Growers Ltd. Tanzania are installing processing units locally and thereby bringing the processing closer to the farmers. We have now established a supply chain and this means that we can get value out of byproducts such as the apple. Our next step is to find out more about the drying or fermentation process.

What do you think will bring the most value?

The most valuable thing for us so far in the Growing Food programme has been networking with other participants as well as becoming more concrete about our ideas and what we have to do to go forward.

Founders: Camilla Daoust and Marianne Geertje Duijm

Background: MA in Design and Innovation, DTU

Business concept: While writing their MA thesis about cashew farming in Tanzania, the two partners in Goingnuts realized that the cashew apple is thrown away during cashew nut production in Africa. Contrary to many other parts of the world where it is a valuable food ingredient, for instance the cashew apple is used for juice, jams and vinegar and for alcohol or meat replacement in Brazil. They saw a potential and founded Goingnuts.


About Growing Food CPH

Growing Food is a knowledge intensive free accelerator for early stage startups in The Capital Region of Denmark initiated jointly by investment and development experts Spring Nordic, University of Copenhagen (KU) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  30 participants took part in the first round of the programme from November 2017 to autumn 2018. 30 new participants began the second round on Tuesday 29 January 2019. 

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