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August 31, 2018

Attention early stage food and foodtech startups! Application for 2019 is now open for ambitious entrepreneurs.

It has been a busy year for the 30 food startups who joined Growing Food in 2017. Our enthusiastic participants have taken part in joint bootcamps, thematic bootcamps, conferences on funding and raising capital and have been assigned advisors and mentors according to their specific business needs.

Part of the Growing Food programme is a pitch and networking session with Business Angels and corporate partners. This year, five selected startups, Seasony, Gastroform, Råhandel, Circular Food Technology and BarMachina pitched their business proposal in front of 15 Business Angels and corporate partners, answering scrutinizing questions from the audience and afterwards exchanging ideas and contact information.

Funding expertise and mentor advice

One of the startups taking part in the pitch session was Seasony whose business idea is to move farming indoors. We spoke to business partners Christopher Weis Thomasen and Servet Coskun who agree that they have come a long way due to Growing Food. They have been particularly pleased with the advice on funding and the personal advisor scheme where they were assigned Martin Breinballe, former Business Development Director at Meyer Group, as their mentor.

“We met with Martin many times and he has given us lots of useful advice on how to present ourselves and feedback on how to grow as a company," says Christopher Weis Thomasen who also praises the programme for its length and its funding advice.

“We really got in-depth help with our specific challenges on a continual basis thoughout the programme. Also the meetings with CAPNOVA on funding were very useful and we actually managed to get an Innobooster due to the good advice from CAPNOVA’s funding experts,” says Thomasen.


About Seasony

Seasony’s business model is to revolutionize farming by moving it indoors and growing produce in a controlled environment. Doing this will enable a new type of data-driven farming, resulting in increased yields, year-round harvest and zero use of pesticides and insecticides. Seasony specifically grows Japanese greens for restaurants that would otherwise be importing these goods from Japan.

About Growing Food CPH

The Growing Food programme includes knowledge-intensive boot camps, specialist scientists, tailor-made mentor schemes and business experts. The programme is free and combines food and foodtech knowledge from two leading universities within food and food-tech (University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark) with investment and funding experts at CAPNOVA.

Apply now

Growing Food CPH is now open for a new round with ambitious food entrepreneurs. The application period opened Thursday 30 August and will close on 22 October 2018. The programme begins early 2019.

Read more and apply here.

(The photo shows Christopher Weis Thomasen from Seasony in conversation with Business Angel, Thomas Rask, at Growing Food’s pitch event at Bite Copenhagen 2018. (photo: Lars Svankjær).