About us

A knowledge intensive accelerator for early stage start-ups

Growing Food CPH is a new programme initiated jointly by start-up investor and developer Spring Nordic, University of Copenhagen (KU) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

Spring Nordic is an investment and development company. Through capital, network and business development we help fostering and fuelling innovative, highly specialised startups towards growth and development. www.springnordic.dk
KU backs the programme from two departments: Dept. of Food Science: Food research and education covering Microbiology & Fermentation, Ingredient & Dairy Technology, Design & Consumer Behavior and Chemometrics & Analytical Technology. Dept. of Food and Resource Economics (IFRO): Research, education and research-based public-sector services, within the fields of environment, natural resources, global development, food and agriculture, consumption, bioethics and governance.
DTU has a strong polytechnical research approach and emphasizes value creation and societal benefit through education, scientific advice and innovation.